Complete stop race rule

Following similar rule directions around the world at Junior Alpine Ski Racing the complete stop rule has been implemented at the Victorian and Australian Interschools in 2019.

7.8 Disqualifications
A racer abandons if he or she comes to a complete stop on the course. The racer must exit to the side of the course as soon as possible to avoid interfering with the next racers run. They will
record a DNF for that run.


  • A racer if impeded by a course worker, another skier or a gate down etc they may pull off to the side of the course, not go through the finish and request a re-run.
  • If a competitor misses a gate and does not come to a complete stop can skate up and around the missed gate and continue.
  • In the event of a competitor losing a ski without coming to a complete the competitor may choose to continue on one ski.